"Progressive Music and song that lives, grooves and sings deeply of the human condition"

Bill Banfield's Imagine Orchestra A Contemporary Urbane Orchestra The Imagine Orchestra is a chamber jazz ensemble. It is an eclectic approach to a creative composing /performing ensemble where the music is both fully orchestrated and improvised. Ellington meets Mingus, Ornette, Frank Zappa, Miles/ Gill Evans meets groove and pocket.

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Zahili Gonzalez Zamora

Shana Tucker

Mike Burton

Charles Overton Group

Ron Reid

Bill Banfield

I try to come in and be that alternative source of information. I always felt a musician’s job was to provide an alternative source of information, a spiritual and social rallying place, somewhere you went to have a communal experience. . . . There is a long tradition of the artist being involved in the life of the nation. For me, it goes back to Woody Guthrie, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and Bob Dylan. These were all people who were alternative sources of information
— Bruce Springstein
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